Donate Information

Where To Send Donations

best way to send us your donations if by email at nerdy.doggo(at)gmail(dot)com. Make sure you share with us your name or chosen name you would like to be made public to give you credit as its donator and an email address that can be responded to so we can notify you if there is any questions.

Copyright Notice

The copyright owner agrees that any of their work given to us will be used strictly in a non-profit and educational purpose with full rights reserved for them and given full credit for their donated work. They still own all rights to their content. If this ever changes, the original copyright own will be contacted and informed to see if we can continue to use their content.

Image / Graphical Donations

Photographs are best donated in full resolution with copyright data embed into the files metadata, if you don’t know how to do that, when you email us, we can get your required details to add it into them for you. Watermarks are not recommended but we know donated old photographs might not have that option.

File Names are recommended with this structure “EVENTNAME-YEAR-COPYRIGHTOWNERNAME-001.JPG” for example. this way we can keep track of copyright owners and donators of content.

Social Group Information

Here is some of the facts we are looking for to populate information about social groups. If you have any missing information you can email us at the address mentioned at the top of the page.

  • Name
  • Year Founded, Year of Incorporation
  • Past & Present Logos (And timeline of their uses)
  • Major Group Photos
  • Timeline of Past & Present organisers
  • Motto / Mission Statement
  • Description
  • Geographical Area / Host City
  • Timeline of Major Annual Events hosted by group
  • Timeline of group being mentioned in Mainstream Media
  • Timeline of group marching in any pride march in a formal capacity.

Event Information

Here is some of the facts we are looking for to populate information about major events that are annual or larger. If you have any missing information you can email us at the address mentioned at the top of the page. Please note, we cannot create an entry without the name of the event and the date it was hosted so they can be in chronological order.

  • Name
  • Date of Event
  • Event Description
  • Mainstream Media Mentions
  • Community Media Reviews
  • Photographs of Event
  • Geographical Location
  • Titleholders Awarded (name, description etc)
  • Judges (name, description etc)
  • Production Team Members (name, role, description etc)
  • Venues (name, description etc)
  • Sponsors (name, description etc)

Titleholder Biographies

To help preserve the history of the hard work our titleholders do and help newcomers see what our titleholders do, we are collating factual biographies on what titleholders have done during their title-year. Here is a list of information were looking for:

  • Chosen Name (& Real Name)
  • Age
  • Titleholder Competition won (and year)
  • Calendar of events & projects you were involved in during their title year.
    • Date (day/month/year)
    • Event Name
    • Location (City, State/Region, Country)
    • Brief Description of event
    • Titleholders Involvement in Event
  • Step-Down Speech (video and/or text format)

Oral History

We plan to accept oral history interviews soon and we will announce it with detailed how-to’s soon, it will be similar in structure as the Leather Archives system

Physical Donations

We do not yet have a way of archiving physical items of community history (but we plan to in the future), We can help you photograph and digitize the content if you email us at our email address above.

Financial Donations

We do not directly take financial donations, The Pup Play Community Archives is a non-profit project of Nerdy Doggo. If you want to help keep the archives financially afloat, we would recommend you donate to Nerdy Doggo via purchasing some of their merchandise or donating to them directly at

Information Were Not Accepting

  • Pack / Fetish family information(this is for the oral history section)
  • Personal Opinion Pieces – This is either for the oral history section or will not be accepted unless it was in-print and published a distributed format that isn’t Social Media.
  • Social Media Posts – if people really want this stuff in the public domain, they can add it into their own oral history donation. Or we will refuse it to respect the authors privacy.
  • Events that human pup play are not the focus of. This is so we don’t conflict with other archives like the Leather Archives
  • Items and persons in the nature of Slander, Racism, Sexism, Homophobic, Trans-phobic, ageist, etc content will not be curated and put online.