Curation Process

It wouldn’t be wise to publish everything we get given right away without some kind of curation happening. When you donate something, this is what happens.

Step 1) Review

Is it material that is being sought for in the archives and not in breach of our rules? yes? awesome!

Step 2) Copyright Check

Is anyone else claiming that this content is owned by them? if there is, then all parties will be contacted directly and will stay in this stage if it cannot be resolved.

Step 3) Conflict Review

Is there something on the website already saying one thing and the donated material says something else? Then itll go into Error Correcting (See below)

Step 4) Archiving

original footage, interviews, video, photos, in-print articles articles will be archived in an offline data storage to protect it from any digital hackers or any acts of god.

Original content will be reduced into web-friendly and less data-intensive format, that way, you don’t have to download each 20MB photo that takes up 8 screens at one at full zoom.

Step 5) Publishing

It gets put online! We cant guarantee it gets put up immediately or within any specific time frame from when its donated, because of the previous steps.

Error Correcting

Know first hand or found evidence on the internet that can verify something is amiss? let us know at our email address and we will get to the bottom of it! We are all human after all, this archive isn’t a rule of law but we hope it becomes more and more accurate over time.