About Us

This non-profit project is the Leather Archives equivalent to the human pup play community. Where we research and collate information about our community as it stands today and where it has been. From oral history to recording experiences inside regional groups, competitions and much more. This is our history and should be preserved for future puppies and handlers to access and explore. We hope that having this in as a one-stop-shop we can connect everything together to help visitors be more informed about our vibrant and diverse community.

Our Goals

  1. Free Access For All
  2. Record our community history in an unbiased and factual way so it can be easily verifiable
  3. Create an easy to navigate system for anyone, newcomer or experienced community member can get the facts and see where this community has come from.
  4. Start recording our oral history before those people and their knowledge, skills and ideas are not lost.

Why We Created the Pup Play Community Archives

Pup Tim, International Puppy 2002 was chatting to me back in 2016 and told me about a recent workshop he went to. It was held at a major fetish event and the workshop help by someone considered well respected in the community. The person claimed in the workshop that no pup play existed before 2012. While part of the problem of people taking it as fact, the other problem was when Pup Tim tried to correct the workshop holder, he was flatly told that him holding his community title is impossible.

No one person can be the keeper of this historical knowledge, its just impossible to remember all points of view, all the dates, people and milestones this community has achieved. just like human history, it belongs to all, and this archive was designed with this in mind.

The community has an issue of being disconnected from its own long and ever-evolving history, this luckily is clearly solved by education. When toxic members of our community try to claim authority because they were the “first” at something, at the very least, claims to those facts can be more easily verifiable.

~ Taylor “Tycho” Cook, Nerdy Doggo Founder

Pup Play Archives & Nerdy Doggo

Were Thankful for Nerdy Doggo for sponsoring this project, to keep it non-profit which means we can have a website service free of advertising and able to stay unbiased because we don’t have to worry about marketing certain brands to keep bills being paid. If you want to know more about the projects Nerdy Doggo does in the pup community, you can at their website www.nerdydoggo.org All money they raised through their merchandise gets returned back into the community through events and workshops across the world.